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About me

Hello im Psychic Kristy and I have been reading and helping people spiritually for over 20 years. I have the experience and expertise to help you. Also I'm A natural born Psychic. I come from a long line of generation of Psychics and have been gifted with this blessing to help others that are seeking a better life. I'm also A Love Expert.

the spirit guides me through your energy and vibration to pick up on things in your



Psychic Kristy is rated 93%-98% accurancy

I do respect my clients privacy

I will ask your permission before any reading  to read into your life no matter

what it is good or bad

i am very honest and blunt in all readings I wont hold back the truth.

I am also a Marriage & Guidance counselor

and spiritualist advisor.

I also perform chakra balancing & restore the natural conditions of your aura.


do spiritual work

as in

 :reuniting lover's


:job difficulties

:removes unnatural causes

:removes negativity & obstacles

:energy enhancements


:drugs & alcohol

:family troubles

: restores financial blessing

:removes body aches & pain

:removes bad luck

:dream interpretation


Do you feel a lack of energy?

Are you always unhappy?

Do you want to find out if he/she is your Soulmate?

I answer all lifes question's

 you may have!

I am God gifted and will direct you on the right path to happiness & success. My spirtual work will give you the best results possible. Regardless how difficult your case may be. My spiritual work will help you overcome any problem or obstacle in your love life and other of existence. You wont be disappointed.

I specialize in helping to guide my clients to realize their true direction and purpose in life. Give yourself the gift of peace. Find the resolution you seek whether it is career, love, happiness or money. Find the path to true happiness. Restore the love, passion and desire that you deserve! You will feel A relief when consulting with me.

Every reading I do will give you A positive

look out in your life call for your appt today!